Safe travel of our passengers and crew is our top priority.

Since the beginning of the corona outbreak SmartLynx Airlines has implemented a number of measures to ensure safe and healthy travel. Our existing policies are in line with the guidelines provided by the the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Before the flight

  • Follow the general recommendation and stay home if you feel sick.
  • If you don’t feel well, try to cancel or postpone your trip by contacting your tour operator.
  • Before departing, check the latest information about travel regulations on official websites and with local embassies of the respective countries to ensure that you meet necessary requirements to enter your destination.
  • Arriving at the airport at least 3 hours before your scheduled flight is recommended, due to social distancing measures.

At the airport

Protective face mask-wear it during the whole trip: from the moment you enter the terminal until you 

walk out of the airport at your destination.

Keep distance-from other people at check-in, bag drop, security control, boarding and other places where it is possible.

Smartlynx Airlines encourages passengers to check-in their bags to the cargo hold to reduce possibilities of physical contact and spread of COVID-19.

Please check airport regulations as in most airports only passengers with valid boarding pass or flight ticket are allowed to enter terminal.

General safety measure at airports

  • Check-in counters are equipped with protective barriers.
  • All airport staff wear protective face masks and gloves.
  • Your body temperature will be measured before security check. Passengers with body temperature above 37,8⁰C will not be allowed to fly. Tour operator will aid change flight dates or find another solution.
  • Hand disinfectant are available throughout the airport.
  • Passenger terminals and busses are regularly disinfected.

Please note that each airport health protection measures may be different. Please check the latest information on the website of each airport.


Boarding will start with last rows in order to reduce contact between passengers.

Self-scan your boarding pass and show your travel document to the boarding agent. 

Airport bus boarding and de-boarding will be done with a reduced number of passengers.

On Board

Air on board the aircraft is kept clean by using highly efficient air filters, and our service is adopted to reduce contact.

SmartLynx crew wear protective face masks and gloves during the whole flight. 

We kindly ask you to wear the face mask as well, until the moment you exit the airport at your destination country. Click here for the instructions on how to put on, use, take off and dispose a mask.

Children under 6 y.o. are not obliged to wear mask. If passenger can`t wear medical mask because of medical reasons – doctors exemption certificate must be presented before boarding.

All aircraft are cleaned and disinfected according to EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) regulations.

We advise you to order your meal via our web page prior the flight. During flight limited inflight service will be offered to passengers, and only pre-packaged snacks and drinks.

Latest travel restriction updates

Daily updated information regarding travel restrictions is available at IATA webpage.