Type Rating for Airbus A320 at SMARTLYNX TRAINING CENTRE An opportunity to develop your career in one of the bestselling and most common aircraft in the world.

About Training Centre

About Training Centre

20 active and experienced pilots as instructors in our Training Centre

About Training Centre

17 000 average flight hours of the instructors

About Training Centre

60-70 new students each year from all over the world

About Training Centre

SmartLynx Training Centre is one of the most recognized approved training organization (ATO) in the Baltic States, that offers airline pilot training by providing type rating courses for Airbus A320 series. It is a well-known training centre, acknowledged by aviation professionals worldwide.

SmartLynx Training Centre offers the most comprehensive, applied ground training available today.

SmartLynx Training Centre welcomes 60-70 students each year from all over the world. Majority of graduates get the opportunity to build a pilot carrier with SmartLynx Airlines..

A320 Type Rating Course

The aim of the course is to train pilots with different backgrounds and previous experience to safely operate A320 family aircraft.

After successful completion of the A320 type rating course and skill test, pilots are A320 family type rated. The course is performed on a basic version of an A320 aircraft which

covers the A320 family (A318 / A319 / A320 / A321). This allows pilots to get a single Type Rating to fly all the versions of the same aircraft series if they performed the relevant familiarization course.


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A320 Licence Renewal and Revalidation

SmartLynx Training Centre offers the possibility of renewal and/or revalidation of the Airbus A320 type rating. Our highly experienced examiners are available in several European locations and will carry out the program according to your needs, whether it is a revalidation or renewal. 

Course duration and price depend on the license expiration date.


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Type Rating Instructor Course

The TRI(A) training course is designed to develop safety awareness throughout by teaching the knowledge, skills, and attitudes relevant to the role of the TRI, and is designed to give adequate training to the applicant in theoretical knowledge instruction, flight instruction, and FSTD instruction to instruct for the A320 type rating. The course gives particular emphasis to the role of the individual in relation to the importance of human factors in the man-machine environment and the role of CRM.

Particular attention is given to the applicant's maturity and judgment including an understanding of adults, their behavioral attitudes, and variable levels of learning ability.


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Cabin Crew Training Instructor Courses

SmartLynx Cabin Crew Training Instructor Courses are a combination of theoretical and practical education delivered by our highly experienced  Instructor Team.

Courses can be organised for an individual or a group, as single or multiple courses, and the location is customised to the client's needs.


  • Systematic approach to instruction

    We provide defined instruction system to achieve training objectives, determined by a task analysis.

    Methods and means necessary to implement the instruction system were selected for their qualities and adaptability to the objectives.

  • Learning by doing

    We consider practical exercises in each training phase to be highly significant. Practical training is provided as soon as possible to ensure retention of theoretical knowledge and crew members training on their respective tasks in the cockpit environment.

  • Training to proficiency

    At the end of the training program, each crew member will be capable of carrying out his tasks safely and efficiently, in accordance with the training objectives.

  • Implementation of new methods according to regulations

    Methods used are following latest trends in aviation training and implementing rules, as well as regulations required by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. The Crew Resource Management is integrated into technical training through CRM topics studied during the course.

A320 Type Rating Course Content

Ground Course

  • Computer Based Training (CBT) with instructor
  • System review
  • Procedures
  • Performance
  • Weight and Balance
  • Tests

9 days in virtual classroom followed by 1 day testing in classroom

Cockpit System Simulator with FTD

  • ECAM trainer
  • FMGS trainer
  • Cockpit trainer
  • Normal and abnormal operations
  • Task sharing

12 hours

Full Flight Simulator (FFS)


10 sessions / 40 hours

Skill Test


1 session / 5 hours

A320 Base Training

6 Touch and Go + 1 Full stop



Older than 18 years


Valid multi-engine Instrumental Rating (A)


ATPL(A) or CPL(A) and theoretical knowledge equal to requirements for the issue of ATPL(A)


Advanced UPRT certificate


ICAO level 4 knowledge of English language*

*The English language level has to be in pilot license or additional certificate of English proficiency level issued by authority where pilot passed the examination or by authority issued pilot license.

70 hours as pilot-in-command of airplanes


Class 1 medical certificate


Hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of MCC course if applying for the issue of the first type rating for the multi-pilot airplane type

*The English language level has to be in pilot license or additional certificate of English proficiency level issued by authority where pilot passed the examination or by authority issued pilot license.

Upcoming Dates

Group 1 11 MAR 2021
Group 2 25 MAR 2021

These dates don't work for you? Get in touch with our team to discus your training period options. 


Graduates About Us

Marco Cuscunà
Marco Cuscunà

I always wished to be a pilot, since I was 5. I was fashioned from those giants flying into the sky. Since I can remember I walk with my nose up towards the sky, looking for some aircraft, dreaming to be a First Officer or a Captain.

In 2017 I started flight school and after two years got my CPL license flying on dv20, 40,42 and Cessna 152. At the beginning of 2020, I tried to join the SmartLynx programme for the first type rating of my career, then unfortunately we got COVID 19. In 2021 Smartlynx contacted me back. My performance was satisfactory and I passed the selection process.

March 2021 is when my A320 Type Rating started.

Smartlynx gave me the opportunity to join the airlines' world. I find the environment extremely professional and prepared.  Special thanks go to my Simulator Instructor, Igors Palicevs,  who leads me to the type rating certification.

Ivana Tadic|First Officer
Ivana Tadic
First Officer

Less than a year ago, after completing the ATPL Integrated, I immediately started searching for a First Officer position and a company which will help me gather experience and knowledge about working in a major airline and aviation industry.

I completed the Airbus A320 Type Rating at SmartLynx Training Centre in November 2019.

During the course every student needs to be prepared, both mentally and physically. It is challenging, intense, exciting, demanding and it requires studying in advance. A good example is learning the checklist, flows and memory items as a starter. Get to know the airplane, its performance and its systems. Any head start you can get will help you once you're at the center. Thanks to the SmartLynx Training Department, we were provided with some training materials, which helped us later on during the course.

The instructors did an exceptional job, which gave me an opportunity to enhance my skills, both professionally and personally, particularly when it comes to multi-tasking, prioritisation and constant sharpening of skills. They conducted the class and every simulator session in a very professional manner, providing us with some relevant, real life examples.

Smartlynx is a company that will encourage you and support you throughout your entire career.

Today, I’m grateful to be part of the Smart Team and work as First Officer for Europe’s leading ACMI.

I get up every day and I fly, which I love! What could possibly be better than that?

  • Expertise

    Each of the instructors is handpicked for his dedication, passion, knowledge and flight experience

  • Facilities

    Learn in an environment with the most modern and up to date computer training aids, procedural simulators and full flight simulators

  • Design of our program

    Each procedure of full flight simulator session is targeting different aspect of flying an Airbus

  • Human interaction above all

    Despite our enthusiastic use of modern technologies, we strongly believe in human interaction – there is always a dedicated instructor ready to help during our computer-based training

  • Core philosophy

    Equip graduates with the aviation and commercial knowledge needed for today's professional environment. Their achievements are our best recommendation.

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