“SmartLynx Airlines” invites applications for Airbus A320 type-rating


SmartLynx Airlines” Training Centre invites candidates to apply for pilot training in the 2022 autumn session. The company organizes the Airbus A320 series type rating course and trains the next generation of pilots for some of the best-selling aircraft in the world. Those who successfully obtain the qualification are offered a pilot’s position. 

“SmartLynx Airlines” Training Centre is a respected pilot training organization in the Baltics, providing Airbus A320 series type rating course for students who have completed the initial pilot training course. During the autumn session of this year, there will be three groups, each made up of 12 students.

“During the type-rating course, we provide full-scale pilot training, from the initial assessment to theoretical knowledge training, of which major part takes place online and is accessible from anywhere in the world, to full flight simulator training in Barcelona, and base training on one of our Airbus A320.  Those who successfully complete the course are interviewed by HR specialists and offered a pilot’s position. More than 90 % of graduates continue their careers in aviation,” says Olegs Krisovatijs, VP of Production at “SmartLynx Airlines”. 

So far this year, 20 pilots from Italy, Spain, France, Cyprus, Sweden, Germany, and Belgium have already completed the course, and another 12 students will start training in June. Since the launch of the Training Centre, 18 Latvian citizens have also completed the pilot qualification course. On average, the Training Centre trains around 60 to 70 students from all over the world each year. Instructors are experienced professionals and pilots from different countries.

“Ever since I was a child, I wanted to become a pilot and prove that women can fly too. The Airbus A320 qualification courses offered by “SmartLynx Airlines” Training Centre give students both theoretical and practical skills. During the course, I was most of all impressed by the A320 simulator. All lecturers are experienced and highly educated professionals, so they were able to provide both quality knowledge and give good advice for coping with stress during a flight simulation. At the moment, after completing the course, I am a qualified pilot and I am pleased to continue my journey in aviation,” says Hana Blom, a graduate of the Training Centre and a qualified pilot.

Upon completion of the qualification course, pilots must also complete a standard airline conversion course provided by the company free of charge. During these courses, pilots learn about fire safety, crew management, first aid, aviation safety, and more.

“SmartLynx Airlines” is bringing new Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft to its fleet, and the Training Centre is also planning to add new Boeing 737 MAX 8 series type-rating courses to improve the qualifications of the pilots of the company’s fast-growing fleet and consolidate its positions in-flight crew training.

Further information on pilot training and applying for the autumn type-rating course can be found on “SmartLynx Airlines” website: https://www.smartlynx.aero/en/training-centre

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