SmartLynx Training Centre celebrates its 500th graduate


Recently, SmartLynx Training Centre (ATO) celebrated a significant milestone: the graduation of its 500th student from the Type Rating course. Since opening in 2012, SmartLynx ATO has launched the careers of hundreds of Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 pilots, earning recognition as one of the leading approved training organizations in the Baltic States. Despite the excellent results young pilots achieve in training and the global demand for highly qualified flight crew, many still face challenges entering the industry and gaining flight experience.

"The global aviation industry continues to experience a significant pilot shortage. As leaders among ACMI airlines worldwide, we feel a deep responsibility to provide training and share our expertise with new pilots," states Martin Tisliar, Head of Training at SmartLynx Training Centre. He adds, "The demand for our Type Rating course remains strong, with the number of applicants consistently high each year. We train about 80-90 individuals annually, and we anticipate this number will gradually increase as the need for qualified pilots continues to grow."

Despite the global pilot shortage, especially in Europe and the United States, young pilots often find it challenging to break into the industry to start their careers. The pilot ranking system sometimes creates issues in filling senior positions, particularly when early retirements occur, posing significant challenges for airlines. To address this, enrolling more students in training programs and offering them opportunities to fly and gain the necessary experience as soon as possible is crucial. 

SmartLynx ATO 500th graduate, First Officer in training at SmartLynx Airlines, Alexandre Valdin: "My journey to becoming a pilot began the moment I flew a Piper aircraft—it instantly ignited my passion for aviation. Over the past five years, I've worked toward this goal. I am very glad that I was able to prove myself and after finishing the Type Rating course, I was offered a First Officer position at SmartLynx. Now, I'm eager to be assigned to bases, begin flying, and gain experience in the skies."

"We see that new pilots are highly eager and motivated, seizing every opportunity to perform at their best. They are very driven to succeed. The Type Rating course is fast-paced, and keeping up with the study schedule can be challenging. Yet, young pilots demonstrate remarkable determination and consistency throughout their training. After careful evaluation, in the last five years, 96% of all graduates have been able to build their careers with SmartLynx. Their excellent results and study ethics assure us that the new generation of pilots is well-prepared to lead us into the future safely," says Martin Tisliar.

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