Secure your luggage or sports equipment for only 5 EUR and get 1000 EUR compensation to your bank account in case your baggage is delayed for more than 96 hours after your flight arrives.

This service is provided in cooperation with Blue Ribbon Bags.

Easy steps to follow in order to secure your baggage:

  • Book delayed baggage protection service through Manage booking & Check in
  • In case your baggage is delayed, head over to the Lost and Found office at the airport you have arrived in and fill out the Property Irregularity Report (PIR), where you will receive a report number.
  • Within 24 hours after flight arrival contact Blue Ribbon Bags. Contact information can be found in the confirmation e-mail sent to you after the service purchase.
  • After you have submitted all information to Blue Ribbon Bags, you will receive real-time e-mail and/or SMS and/or Whatsapp updates on your baggage status.
  • If your baggage is not found within 96 hours, you will receive a compensation of 1000 EUR directly to your bank account without any proof of baggage content.
  • This service is in addition to any payouts by the airline or any other insurance company.

The service is available 72 hours to 4 hours before departure.

protect your baggage
Easy steps to follow in order to secure your baggage:

Terms and conditions of Blue Ribbon Bags (BRB)

    • Within 24 hours after service purchase passenger will receive a confirmation e-mail with all details needed in case of baggage delay.
    • One purchase (5 EUR) is per person, per booking reference, per round–trip.
    • Payout of 1000 EUR is per bag and limited to 2 lost bags per person, including sports equipment.
    • Blue Ribbon Bags (further - BRB) tracking service will apply to all bags checked on to the airplane.
    • Passengers may purchase the BRB service up to the moment prior to your flight’s departure and prior to all flights within outbound or inbound trip.
    • Before reporting mishandled bag to BRB, a Property Regularity Report (PIR) must be filled at the airport.
    • Mishandled bags must be reported to BRB within 24 hours of the flight arrival by simply going to Blue Ribbon Bag homepage or using the link provided in the confirmation e-mail received after the service purchase.
    • After all information from the passenger is received, BRB will send the passenger automatic updates to mobile phone/e-mail every time there is a change to the status of the baggage.
    • Found baggage will be delivered to the airport.
    • Payment of 1000 EUR is issued to the passenger if the bag is not delivered to the airport on record with the lost baggage claim within 96 hours.
    • No proof of baggage contents is required to receive payment.
    • BRB service agreement is in addition to any insurance passenger may have. After collecting a BRB payment (compensation), the passenger is still able to accept an insurance payout.
    • All purchases are subject to the terms and conditions of the  Blue Ribbon Bags Service Agreement.
    • This service fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • All purchases are subject to the terms and conditions of the Blue Ribbon Bags Service Agreement.

Personal data processing

  • Please note that if you choose the service of Delayed baggage protection offered by Blue Ribbon Bags, LLC, then for the purpose of conclusion and execution of the agreement between you and Blue Ribbon Bags, LLC, you authorize SmartLynx Airlines to deliver to Blue Ribbon Bags, LLC the following Personal data: Name, Surname, e-mail address and PNR number (booking reference number). Blue Ribbon Bags, LLC is considered a separate Personal data controller, and their privacy rules are included in the Service Level Agreement, as well as the website of Blue Ribbon Bags, LLC. Please, get acquainted with those rules before choosing the service.

  • Blue Ribbon Bags, LLC is registered in the United States of America, however, in cooperation with Blue Ribbon Bags, LLC has undertaken to comply with all applicable law and legal requirements, including European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation No. 679/2016, and data transfer is protected by standard contractual clauses.

  • Blue Ribbon Bags, LLC is responsible to deliver service to you pursuant to the rules of the Service Level Agreement.