When you arrive at the airport, check your flight details on the information displays; departure time, check-in desk number and gate number. Go to check-in first.

Check-in must be done at latest:

  • 45 minutes prior to the scheduled departure;
  • 60 minutes prior to the scheduled departure of a flight if you have special services requested or you have very large or otherwise special baggage.

The gate always closes 30 minutes prior to the departure of the flight!

After check-in you can use the services available on the public side of the airport or go through the security check to the departures hall.

Reserve enough time to go through the security check. The lines may be quite long. The security checks are the responsibility of the aviation authority and the airport.

Baggage Screening

In most airports, coats and jackets are placed on the baggage screening belt. Pockets are emptied into hand baggage or coat pockets. Belts and other clothing items with metal are often removed as well. Laptop computers and liquids are taken out of the hand baggage and screened separately. Liquids must be packed in see-through bags. Mobile phones may be put in hand baggage or coat pockets. Reclaim your items at the end of the screening belt after going through the person screening. If deemed necessary, baggage may be opened and inspected by hand.

Person Screening

After placing your baggage for screening, walk through the metal detector. If necessary, the safety inspector will also perform a scan using a handheld detector or by hand.

At the Departures Hall

After the security check you may use the services in the departures hall. Check your flight's departure gate and boarding time one more time. Go to the gate in time for boarding.

At the Gate

As boarding begins, passenger identification is checked and the passengers are allowed on the aircraft.


Place your baggage in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you and have a seat. The seat belt is recommended whenever you're seated.

The flight begins with a safety demonstration by the cabin crew while the pilots get the aircraft ready to go and on the runway. When in the air, coffee, tea, juice and a sandwich or an equivalent snack is offered on the chosen service. In the seat pocket you can find safety information and reading magazines. In SmartLynx Airlines magazine you'll find information about our fleet and travel information. The cabin crew is at your service, don't hesitate to ask them if you have any questions or wishes.