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When things go south: 3 aviation crisis in 3 years


Edvinas Demenius, Vice President of Sales and Development at SmartLynx Airlines, Latvian based leading ACMI, charter and cargo operator, during LOGIN 2021 conference will share his insights into the impact crisis can have on the aviation sector and how a company can benefit from the adversities.

Aviation is an incredibly dynamic industry, sensitive to political, economic and even natural changes. Even with clear vision, mission and strategy in place, there are circumstances that can’t be predicted and only experience can enable companies to manage unforeseeable situations.

While the whole aviation industry faced an unprecedented challenge at the beginning of 2020, this was not the first crisis SmartLynx has experienced over the years. In fact, over the last 3 years SmartLynx Airlines has found themselves in front of 3 separate challenges.

In 2018, during a crew training flight at Tallinn airport, SmartLynx Airlines has experienced an accident. Altitude was lost, forcing the aircraft to hit the runway. The accident caused the disruption of 100 flights, loss of an aircraft right before the season, audits and re-checks from clients and attracted huge media attention. In 2019, SmartLynx experienced a rapid growth period by adding 11 new aircraft to their fleet, making the company face challenges of managing quickly increased operations. And in 2020, the whole world came to a stop to fight a pandemic.

While many companies would have fallen victim to such circumstances, SmartLynx Airlines not only survived, but managed to thrive.

In his presentation, Edvinas Demenius, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at SmartLynx Airlines, will discuss the importance of flexible attitude towards a rapidly changing market, what lessons can be learnt from difficult situations and how a crisis can become an opportunity.

Edvinas Demenius is a sales and project management professional with experience in developing and implementing business strategies and complex projects. He gained his degree at the International School of Law and Business, and further developed his knowledge of aviation project management at the IATA Training and Development Institute in Geneva, Switzerland. Currently, Edvinas Demenius holds the position of Vice President of Sales and Business Development at the ACMI, charter and cargo airline SmartLynx Airlines.

Hear the presentation of this aviation professional at the LOGIN 2021 conference, which this year will take place in virtual space. The event will be held for 5 days and will provide viewers with over 55 hours of interesting and engaging content. During LOGIN 2021, more than 150 speakers from Lithuania and foreign countries will share their experience and insights.

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