Spring edition of SmartLynx inflight magazine


Enjoy the trip to your spring destination while going through the latest edition of our inflight magazine.

We are taking you to Corfu, focusing on events in Baltics, delivering upcoming fashion trends. Explore different ways to travel and learn more about the world of 3D printing. In already known Smart Info section, our Line Maintenance Manager John Dunn is reflecting on the duties and responsibilities of an airline's Maintenance Department, and SmartLynx plans for 2019.

Waiting for you in this issue are two new sections:

Cabin Crew Spotlight – featuring our lovely, positive and professional team members: Leila Abasova, Anabel Salumaa, Irina Fedotova, Maris Pravains and Sander Kartau. The SmartLynx ambassadors are in charge of the comfort and safety of our passengers and share the common passion for flying. Once on the ground, interesting hobbies, family and friends are their preoccupation.

Ask the Pilot - an opportunity to know more about flying, aircraft, what does it take to become a pilot. Captain Vladimir Filipovic will be the face behind the answers published in the next magazine issue, Summer 2019.

On-line edition of SmartLynx in-flight magazine is now available. Want to pre-order your meal or go through some smart travel tips?Click the link.

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