SmartLynx Training Centre in Estonia received initial approval for A320 Type Rating and A320 ZFTT Type Rating programs


SmartLynx Training Centre in Estonia has successfully passed Initial Certification Audit in accordance with the Commission Regulation (EU) 1178/2011 and applicable AMCs and GM, with zero findings detected. It allows SmartLynx Training Centre in Estonia to provide and conduct Part-FCL Type Rating course for Airbus A320 series, including A320 Zero Flight Time Training (ZFTT) Type Rating course for experienced pilots enabling them to convert to an aircraft type of similar characteristics to Airbus, solely by the use of a full flight simulator, without base training.

This audit certifies also that all operations of the SmartLynx Training Centre are conducted in compliance with Part-ORA, Part-FCL and applicable regulations and requirements of CAA of Estonia. During the audit, all the areas of training organization have been inspected, int. al. compliance monitoring system, safety management system, training programs. The audit has been conducted by the Civil Aviation Administration of Estonia.

Andrea Braidot, Head of Training at SmartLynx Training Centre comments: “Obtaining the EASA certificate in Estonia is a logical result of our long-term work and experience gained at SmartLynx Airlines Training Centre in Latvia. Our next A320 type rating course will be conducted in SmartLynx Estonian ATO, January 2018. This is the first and only training organization in Estonia providing Type Rating on Airbus A320 series. We have great plans for the future of both Training Centres: soon we are going to launch also Type Rating Instructor (TRI) / Synthetic Flight Instructor (SFI) courses. Moreover, we are seriously considering introducing the Flight Dispatcher training. Our mission is to turn your passion for aviation into your profession in different segments of this exciting industry which is aviation.”

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Information prepared by:

Ilva Priedniece
Public Relations and Marketing Manager
SmartLynx Airlines Ltd.

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