SmartLynx signed a long-term agreement to use Lido mPilot from Lufthansa Systems


SmartLynx Airlines, a globally acknowledged ACMI, cargo, and charter provider, has signed a cooperation agreement to use the mobile charting application Lido mPilot form Lufthansa Systems. SmartLynx Airlines has transitioned to Lufthansa Systems for their superior data quality and user-friendly interface, aiming to improve operational efficiency.

Lido mPilot equips pilots with a comprehensive navigation solution by directly providing seamless access to all necessary charts like terminal charts or dynamically generated enroute maps, operational documents, and messages on their devices. Lido mPilot ensures that flight-relevant information is always accessible, allowing pilots to concentrate on safe and efficient aircraft operations. The charting solution seamlessly integrates with modern airline workflows, reducing pilot information overload and elevating pertinent flight data based on aircraft location and flight plan.

Lasse Bay Hansen, Group Director of Flight Operations, says: "ACMI is very complex due to its constantly changing network and it is crucial for the airline to have efficient tools to ensure smooth daily operations. In Flight Operations, we do not settle with how we did business yesterday but are constantly looking for improvements, adding value to our business and functionality for the end users. Apps used in the flight deck must be intuitive and well-designed. With mPilot, we can access relevant, precise, and timely information, which is critical for our operations."

Marco Cesa, Senior Vice President Regional Management EMEA at Lufthansa Systems, says: “With our latest version of Lido mPilot, SmartLynx will benefit from our advanced turbulence and icing forecasts directly on the enroute map and vertical profile. We are very happy that SmartLynx, who is already relying on our data solution, Lido FMS, decided to take the next step in digital navigation with Lido mPilot.” 

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