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SmartLynx Airlines to provide 100 jobs to Ukrainian civilians


In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and to help Ukraine’s people, “SmartLynx Airlines” plans to offer jobs to around 100 Ukrainian civilians. In the past couple of months, other subsidiaries of “Avia Solutions Group” have closed their representations and stopped providing services in Russia. Also, as the war broke out, “Avia Solutions Group” provided support worth at least EUR 500,000 to the Ukrainian government and residents. 

Providing jobs and housing

Amid growing concerns about the Ukrainian refugee crisis and potential unemployment, Latvia-based “SmartLynx Airlines” has committed to hiring employees from Ukraine. Altogether 60 Ukrainians have already been admitted to the team and provided with housing and meals.

“We can provide around 100 jobs to people from Ukraine. There is a mutual benefit – our team gets talented professionals, while for Ukrainians it is a new start. As we prepare for the summer season, we are actively looking for cabin crew members – with or without previous job experience, as we provide them free training. Several job vacancies are also available at our Riga office where candidates may need relevant education and experience, but in some positions, we give a chance also to those without previous job experience in aviation, for instance, business flight planning coordinators,” says “SmartLynx Airlines” CEO Žygimantas Surintas. 

Closing representations and ending provision of services in Russia 

“Avia Solutions Group” and its subsidiary “AviaAM” Leasing have closed their representations in Russia. Another subsidiary, “Helisota”, which is an international helicopter maintenance and repairs company in Lithuania, has suspended helicopter repair services in Russia.

On February 26, just days after the war in Ukraine started, “AviaAM Leasing” asked Russian carrier “Aeroflot” to suspend flights and return the 13 leased aircraft. These aircraft do not belong directly to “AviaAM Leasing” but have been leased to the carrier in a joint venture with Henan’s civil aviation development and investment company (HNCA) – “AviaAM Financial Leasing China”, in which “AviaAM Leasing” is a minority shareholder (29%). Since “AviaAM Leasing” is not the direct owner of these aircraft, the company constantly consults with lawyers and insurers on the recovery of the aircraft.

Providing material support to Ukraine

“Avia Solutions Group” is united with the Ukrainian state and Ukrainians, including the group’s Ukrainian employees and clients. The company has provided financial assistance worth EUR 300,000 to the Ukrainian government, as well as nongovernmental organizations helping Ukraine’s people. Additionally, “Avia Solutions Group” has provided financial support of more than EUR 100,000 to charity funds with the aim to mitigate the rapidly developing humanitarian crisis. 

After the war started in Ukraine, “Avia Solution Group’s” subsidiary “BGS Rails” turned over fuel reserves stored at its Ukrainian bases and refueled trucks to the Ukrainian army. The company also paid out financial reserves worth two monthly salaries to those Ukrainian employees of the company’s bases who decided to stay and defend the independence of their country.

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