SmartLynx Airlines moves further toward Paperless Operations


SmartLynx Airlines is pleased to announce that it has obtained Latvian and Estonian CAA approval for eTechLog8 as provided by Conduce Group Limited to totally replace its current paper-based aircraft technical log procedure with this fully electronic solution.

The eTechLog8 application uses the Panasonic ToughPad FZ-G1 hardware and eliminates the paper technical log. eTechLog8 is an aircraft-centric solution that contains all the required functionality on the device so that is can be routinely used offline when required.

SmartLynx has adopted a single instance of eTechLog8 to fully manage their multi AOC fleet of aircraft. This ensures that common company processes and procedures can be adopted for both AOCs.

eTechLog8 has also been integrated with SmartLynx's CAMO system, Commsoft OASES, giving real-time data availability and reduced administration costs by updating the aircraft records automatically whilst at the same time significantly reducing errors and delays that may occur with manual data entry.

Olga Arbatska, Engineering Manager, SmartLynx- “Following extensive market evaluation and the completion of the flight trials of eTechLog8 we are convinced that the live integrated eTechLog8 application will significantly improve our CAMO activities by giving real-time updates on WO completion and defect opening and closing. Having access to real-time aircraft status information will allow us to be more proactive in managing fleet airworthiness, reducing errors and unscheduled aircraft downtime. The eTechLog8 is a great addition to our Electronic Flight Bag which has been in operation for over two years.”

Paul Boyd, Managing Director, Conduce Group - “The project team at SmartLynx have achieved a significant breakthrough in the adoption of eTechLog8 with its multi-AOC and multi-NAA approval for their continued paperless operations in the cockpit and on the ground.”

About SmartLynx Airlines 

SmartLynx Airlines specializes in full ACMI (Aircraft-Crew-Maintenance-Insurance) or wet lease service operating Airbus A320/321 aircraft and is the leading ACMI provider in EU on Airbus A320 aircraft. The airline also ensures full charter operations for its home markets in Latvia and Estonia, predominantly in the leisure market. It also performs flight crew training – SmartLynx ATO is a leading approved airline pilot training company in the Baltic States providing type rating courses for Airbus A320 series. (

About Conduce Group Limited

Conduce Group, supported by business owners with over 30 years of aviation software development services, was established in 2009 to provide modern and robust mobile digitization software solutions for the aviation industry. eTechLog8 is the industry-leading solution to replace the paper TLPs and is one of a suite of mobile applications that replace range paper systems currently in use with many airlines. eTechLog8 is now certified for operational use by several regulatory authorities with the capability to manage multiple AOC operations in a single software instance along with full integration into several airline ERP/MRO systems. (

Photo:Conduce Group Ltd.

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