SmartLynx Airlines introduces new technology solutions to raise safety standards


SmartLynx Airlines is the first airline in the Baltic States to have successfully integrated two separate service systems in its operations, allowing faster access to data, reducing risk of human error, and saving time for SmartLynx crews and ground personnel.

How the New System Works

The new system transmits all plane-related data through eTechLog8 to Technical Department and Maintenance Control Center who can control the process of servicing and preparation of the aircraft, and even follow the indicators of technical condition, fuel consumption and the number of flight hours/cycles - all of it in real time. If a technical deviation is identified in the system, pilots are unable to accept aircraft for departure.

“Although the design of eTechLog8 system was complicated and has taken some time to be implemented, we can with certainty say it was worth it. We have developed a user-friendly interface for cockpit crews and Technical Department to operate in. But haven't stopped there, as the digital age allows us to always improve more. We have realized that integration of eTechLog8 and OASES will automatize processes even further, enabling most effective scheduling of SmartLynx fleet, greater control of aircraft utilization and maintenance status. We are thankful that our partners - Conduce and Commsoft have recognized our efforts and were very forthcoming and supportive, helping us to to implement this cutting-edge digital solution” says Irina Lupane, SmartLynx ETL Administrator.

“The integration between eTechLog8 and OASES systems provided to SmartLynx by Conduce and Commsoft respectively, is the result of careful electronic technical log project staging within SmartLynx. The idea of keeping things simple by focusing on implementation of the eTechLog8 solution first allowed to ensure that the next stage - process of integration of the mission-critical system - is seamless and efficient,” says Vera Bankina, Senior Project Manager at Conduce.

What This Innovation Means for SmartLynx

The integration of eTechLog8 and OASES allows SmartLynx to fully monitor the technical conditions of its fleet in any part of the world regardless of destination and geographical distance.

This is another big development step for SmartLynx to increase airplane control and passenger safety. CEO of SmartLynx Airlines, Zygimantas Surintas on the achievement:

“We see increased access to information, transparency, time saving and reduced risk of human error. We have now become the first airline in the Baltic States which has already introduced processes that will become a generally accepted aviation industry standard in the future. We can already see today that modern companies are abandoning time-consuming and paper-based procedures.”

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