In Q3 increased number of operated flights by 32%


According to SmartLynx Airlines operating data on Q3 of 2019, the number of flights served by the company has increased by 32% compared to the corresponding period in 2018. 

In July-September 2018, SmartLynx Airlines operated a total of 7091 flights, compared to 9,388 flights this year. During the reporting period, the number of block hours (BLH) has reached 27704, 51% more compared to last year’s Q3.

Antalya (Turkey), Burgas (Bulgaria) and Heraklion (Greece) became the most popular destinations for passengers from Riga, while from Tallinn, where charter services are also provided by SmartLynx Airlines, Burgas (Bulgaria), Heraklion (Greece) and Varna (Bulgaria) became the TOP 3 destinations.

“Taking into account growing demand for SmartLynx Airlines services, we have expanded our fleet to 24 aircraft. Currently, we operate with 16 Airbus A320s and eight Airbus A321s,” says the CEO of SmartLynx Airlines Zygimantas Surintas.

Meanwhile in first nine months, On Time Performance (OTP) results shows 38% improvement for charter flights delayed above 3h and 23% improvement for charter flight delays shorter than 3h.

“We would like to thank our pilots, cabin crew and office team, whose work has helped us significantly improve our position in these criteria. At the same time we appreciate that our customers continue to choose SmartLynx Airlines as their service provider and partner, and that they motivate us to improve our services further,” says Surintas.

The company is also continuing a series of projects aimed at expanding and improving its performance and customer service. As a result SmartLynx Airlines has introduced a new website concept - up to date digital business card, while at the same time an integrated data platform Skywise has been implemented in daily operations. Co-product of aviation giant Airbus and software company Palantir Technologies, the platform gathers and models all related information in a single system, providing an accurate and unified view of the processes involved in providing services.

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