From facsimile to big data. Skywise at Smartlynx


Airlines are constantly generating and processing huge amounts of data that are created in a flight cycle. Data are received from aircraft sensors; crew reports and logs; maintenance information systems; flight ops and financial systems; and electronic technical logs. Typically, none of these data sources connect, and they’re stored in different formats using different methods.

Skywise is a data integration and analytics tool that gathers and models all of an airline’s data into a single platform, providing an accurate and unified view of the processes involved in aircraft operations. This platform collects data from more than 8,000 Airbus aircraft and more than 90 airlines worldwide. In addition, it allows users to customize information workflows according to the operator’s needs.

“Streamlining of daily procedures is a challenge that is faced by everyone in the aviation industry. It is a fundamental need to remain competitive in today's situation. With Skywise we can keep track of real-time aircraft utilization, calculating and planning various flight-related cycles. Skywise educates us on our planes, procedures, and partners on a new level. It helps us understand the general logic of specific stages of service delivery. This way, we gain effective control over processes,” says Anders Ludvigsson, a Board Member and Vice President of Operations at SmartLynx Airlines.

According to Ludvigsson, Skywise is providing the company with valuable information that helps us identify and optimize processes that are inefficient, time consuming, and expensive.

The Skywise platform can also provide data related to time requirements at various stages of flight preparation, potential risks leading to delayed flights, comparison of performance in specific situations, aircraft maintenance, and many other important insights. In addition, the system creates an accurate and detailed process history that enables airlines to predict various scenarios and develop more efficient solutions.

At this year’s Skywise Europe Summit in Rome, Mr. Ludvigsson and Yuliya Korneva CAMO and Reliability Engineer, held a presentation titled “From Facsimile to Big Data: Skywise at Smartlynx.”

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