2019 marks a period of solid growth and potential for further development


Despite increasing competition and market fluctuations throughout the year, SmartLynx Airlines was able to improve its performance in all key business areas. The total number of provided flights has increased by 2%, while the number of passengers by 20%, indicating a significant increase in operational efficiency.

Also, growth in Block Hours (BLH) is noticeable since the number of hours operated has increased from 54.000 to 63.800. Moreover, On Time Performance (OTP) has improved by almost 5%. As a result of all these positive performance indicators, turnover has increased from EUR 172 million to EUR 215 million, or by 25% compared to 2018.

In 2019 SmartLynx has effectively launched several development projects. Taking into account the growing demand for SmartLynx Airlines’ services, the company's fleet was expanded to 24 aircraft units. Internal procedures have been improved with the introduction of Skywise data system, a co-product of Airbus and Palantir Technologies and with successful unification of eTechLog8 (Conduce) and OASES (Commsoft) service systems. These projects increase automation and streamlining of daily operations while reducing the risk of human error. At the same time to increase efficiency in fuel usage, Skybreathe a complete fuel management software, has been implemented.

In April SmartLynx Malta received Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) and started its operations in Malta. In addition, Canadian Foreign Air Operator Certificate (FAOC) was received in October and it gives the company new opportunities to explore the North American market.

Last summer SmartLynx Airlines successfully joined the Avia Solutions Group. In company it is seen as an opportunity to expand its business and become even larger player in the aviation market.

Great emphasis was placed on improvement of passenger service standards and, as a result, a new online check-in system was introduced in November. The delivered frontline performance is appreciated by passengers and according to survey results, their satisfaction has increased by 15% compared to the year before. The company is expecting a large number of returning passengers next year.

For the first time SmartLynx Airlines was selected as most socially responsible employer in transportation sector by Latvian Employers Confederation. Employers were evaluated on a variety of criteria, such as long-term business activity, business support movement, social dialogue, active involvement in economic growth in Latvia, and a positive impact on the public agenda as a leader of opinion.

The year has been filled with emotions also in areas other than strictly business. The annual SmartLynx Airlines Summer Sports Games were held, where employees competed in numerous disciplines and some participants achieved results comparable to professional competitions.

In November, not only grand plans for the future were unveiled. This year the best employees were awarded in a record number of categories - Trustworthiness, Interdependence, Knowledge, Adaptability and Awesome Attitude.

The professionalism of the Smart Team members was recognized beyond the company, resulting in Proactivity Award for Sandra Grunde and Fast and Successful of the Year Award for Linda Riekstina presented at the Avia Solutions Group conference.

In 2020 SmartLynx Airlines plans to continue its ongoing development strategy, implement new projects and gain new markets.

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