Flight Crew

Your new job is here!

SmartLynx Airline continues to expand and we are looking for A320 type rated Pilots who would like to join our multi-cultural company.

We provide:

  • 10 months` pay guaranteed, Experience-based fees
  • Basic Gross Income up to 96 075 Eur + bonuses (Overtime/Excess Sector Pay)
  • Training fees for LTC/TRI/TRE
  • Commuting contract 7days in a row OFF + 2 days for travel
  • Accommodation (while on base) 
  • Loss of License/ Life Insurance
  • Paperless Cockpit
Bases for the year 2019 - Cardiff, Bristol, London, Charleroi, Brussels.

Requirements for direct entry are:

  1. Valid Part FCL EASA issued pilot license, and
  2. Valid and current ME-IR, and
  3. At least ICAO level 4 English proficiency, and
  4. Valid EASA Part-MED certificate class 1*, and
  5. Valid A320 type rating in license with:
    • at least 500 block hours as PIC on A320 type for Captains with total flight time 3500 BLH;
    • at least 500 block hours on A320 type for First Officers.

Please apply your CV data using  Pilot CV form!

You can address your inquiries also to e-mail address: pilotscv@smartlynx.aero

Candidates close to these requirements can also apply for further review. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. 

If you`re a Cadet pilot interested in SmartLynx Training Centre (ATO), please apply via: http://www.smartlynx.aero/corporate/ato/application-form

Assessment time schedule:

  • 25/26/27 - Apr - 2019                  Amsterdam(NL)