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We are set to respond with the best solution to our client's requests. Smart Team's adaptability and swift response are our main strengths.

Even with a few hours between the agreement and take-off, every aspect of the flight is thoroughly worked out, and we are ready to go.

Airbus A321-200 freighter aircraft - the most technologically advanced and environmentally efficient aircraft in its class. 

Send us your request, and our Commercial Team will deliver the best solution for your needs.

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The service

CARGO capacity


  • Max weight up to 27.000kg
  • Pellets or containers - 14 main deck / 10 underfloor

A321F is the only Single Aisle freighter that accommodates containers or pallets at both decks.

  • More useable volume
  • Increased payload capability
  • Better interlining capability
  • Better turnaround times
  • More flexibility


  • Coming in Q1 2024
  • Equipped with state-of-the-art technology

The A330-300 conversions offer an impressive range of features:

  • Main deck cargo door: 141” clear width & 101” clear height, hydraulically operated
  • Reinforced floor grid & new freighter floor panels
  • Cargo Loading System
  • Additional revenues per flight – The 96“ side-by-side AMV containers make full use of Airbus superior cross-section allowing up to 10% more volume compared to 88“ × 125“ ULD
  • AIRBUS A321F

    Lowest fuel burn in its class 

    30% reduction in fuel burn

    Enhanced performance in range, payload, and volume capacity.

  • AIRBUS A321F

    Max weight up to 28.000kg

    Pellets or containers - 14 main deck/10 underfloor

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