SmartLynx Airlines is a charter and ACMI operator on Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft. We are headquartered in Riga and hold Latvian, Estonian and Maltese Air Operator Certificates.



SmartLynx specialises in full ACMI (Aircraft-Crew-Maintenance-Insurance) aircraft lease services on Airbus A320 and A321 aircraft. We are one of the top choices for aircraft lease solution providers ensuring flights in Europe, Asia and Africa.

SmartLynx offers short term and long term ACMI services provided by flight crew members that represent more than 18 nationalities, speak multiple languages, thus ensuring excellent service to our clients. Our team is always ready for new opportunities, even on a short notice. SmartLynx flexible approach is offering our clients immediate assistance in case of rapid changes on a daily basis.


SmartLynx ensures full charter operation for its home markets in Latvia and Estonia, predominantly in the leisure market. Our airline fleet is rapidly growing and thus we are able to provide services both for single flights and large-scale full season travel projects.

When choosing SmartLynx charter services, our experienced team will ensure you with the best expertise for your custom travel. With our flexible approach to each client, we deliver bespoke solutions for all travel requirements – based on your schedule, travel dates, routes and budget.


    Being in the market almost for three decades, SmartLynx team has gained tremendous experience to ensure leading expertise to our clients and partners. SmartLynx Airlines complies with international quality standards IOSA and EASA, as well as it has access to the free route airspace.


    We offer flexible approach to each client by delivering tailored solutions in each project. Our team is striving to provide top notch services to meet your exact requirements. Trust us with immediate assistance in case of rapid changes.


    Our long-term clients find us as a reliable partner, they trust SmartLynx services as we have proven ourselves to be one of the leaders and most reliable service provider in the industry.


    SmartLynx flight crew represents 18 nationalities and speaks in multiple languages. We are proud of our tremendously experienced captains at the forefront of our crew.

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ACMI / Other Request

Please send us your request and our Commercial Team will send you the best solution for your needs.

Charter Request

Our aim is to make every flight as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Request a quote for flight.


SmartLynx Fleet

In 2019 our fleet consists of 24 aircraft. Our experienced pilots and cabin crew provide comfortable and safe journeys whatever your flight destination might be.

SmartLynx Airlines
  • Airbus A320 YL-LCL

    MSN 533

  • Airbus A320 YL-LCO

    MSN 1873

  • Airbus A320 YL-LCP

    MSN 1823

  • Airbus A321 YL-LCQ

    MSN 2211

  • Airbus A320 YL-LCS

    MSN 566

  • Airbus A320 YL-LCT

    MSN 2233

  • Airbus A320 YL-LCU

    MSN 1762

  • Airbus A321 YL-LCV

    MSN 2216

  • Airbus A321 YL-LCX

    MSN 3191

  • Airbus A321 YL-LCY

    MSN 4461

  • Airbus A321 YL-LCZ

    MSN 2912

  • Airbus A321 YL-LDA

    MSN 2903

  • Airbus A321 YL-LDB

    MSN 2342

SmartLynx Estonia
  • Airbus A320 ES-SAK

    MSN 888

  • Airbus A320 ES-SAM

    MSN 1896

  • Airbus A320 ES-SAO

    MSN 936

  • Airbus A320 ES-SAP

    MSN 1183

  • Airbus A320 ES-SAQ

    MSN 984

  • Airbus A320 ES-SAS

    MSN 1725

  • Airbus A320 ES-SAT

    MSN 1578

  • Airbus A320 ES-SAU

    MSN 1657

  • Airbus A320 ES-SAV

    MSN 2123

SmartLynx Airlines Malta
  • Airbus A320 9H-SLA

    MSN 973



To provide our customers the most
efficient capacity management solution
with trained and motivated staff.



To become the first choice of medium range ACMI and charter solution with trained and motivated staff.

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flights made in 2019
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destinations in 2019
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