We are an ACMI, charter and cargo operator on Airbus A320, A321, A32F, A330, and Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. Holding Latvian, Estonian and Maltese Air Operator Certificates.



We specialize in full ACMI lease services on Airbus A320, A321, A330, and Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft. We are one of the key players in the global market, and the leading one in Europe, owning one-third of the European ACMI market share in 2022.

We offer flexible short-term and long-term solutions. Our diverse team of flight crew members from 70+ countries speaks multiple languages, providing our clients with superior service, no matter their location. We understand the importance of adapting to rapid changes and are always ready to respond to new opportunities, even on short notice.


Your cargo becomes our problem, making your life much easier. Our team has the experience and expertise to get your cargo from point A to point B with only a few hours' notice. We'll handle every detail of the flight, so you can relax knowing your cargo is in safe hands.


We are a unique ACMI airline due to our diverse fleet and business operations. There is no other ACMI airline that operates five types of aircraft – Airbus A320, A321, A321F, A330 and Boeing 737 MAX 8. With its extensive charter operations in Latvia, Estonia and Germany, we offer an unforgettable customer experience and more sustainable charter options.

When you choose SmartLynx charter services, you can be sure that our experienced team will provide you with the best tailored solutions for all your capacity needs. We offer flexibility and customization for any occasion – be it a sports tournament, corporate getaway, or commercial flight – and will work to fit your schedule, travel dates, routes, and budget.

Additional services

Our team has the expertise to provide customized support for the most demanding, time and resource-intensive processes like Maintenance Check Flights, Ferry Flights, and full CAMO services. Our approach is based on "open book" principles, ensuring all charges and DOCs are paid as accurately as possible.


    With three decades of experience in the market, our team has built the expertise to provide exceptional service to our clients and partners. We comply with the highest quality standards, such as IOSA and EASA, and have access to unrestricted route airspace.


    We offer a flexible approach to each client by delivering tailored solutions for each project. Our team is striving to provide top-notch services to meet your exact requirements.


    Our long-term clients find us reliable partners, and they trust SmartLynx services as we have proven ourselves to be one of the leaders and most reliable service providers in the industry.


    Our flight crew represents 74 nationalities, speaks multiple languages, and is truly global. We are proud of our tremendously experienced pilots and service-oriented Cabin Crew.

Company Documentation

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Please send us your request and our Commercial Team will provide you with the ideal solution tailored to your needs.

Charter Request

Discover the most customizable flight solutions while enjoying a comfortable and pleasant journey. Request your charter flight today!


SmartLynx Fleet

Our highly trained pilots and cabin crew guarantee a safe and comfortable journey, no matter the destination.

SmartLynx Airlines Latvia
  • Airbus A321 YL-LCQ

    MSN 2211

  • Airbus A320 YL-LCT

    MSN 2233

  • Airbus A321 YL-LCV

    MSN 2216

  • Airbus A320 YL-LDD

    MSN 3264

  • Airbus A320 YL-LDE

    MSN 3330

  • Airbus A320 YL-LDF

    MSN 4061

  • Airbus A320 YL-LDJ

    MSN 4351

  • Airbus A320 YL-LDM

    MSN 2975

  • Airbus A320 YL-LDN

    MSN 3641

  • Airbus A321 YL-LDO

    MSN 1185

  • Airbus A321 YL-LDP

    MSN 1241

  • Airbus A321 YL-LDQ

    MSN 2687

  • Airbus A321 YL-LDR

    MSN 5025

  • Airbus A321 YL-LDS

    MSN 5074

  • Airbus A320 YL-LDT

    MSN 6189

  • Airbus A320 YL-LDU

    MSN 6306

  • Airbus A320 YL-LDW

    MSN 3215

  • Airbus A320 YL-LDX

    MSN 3221

  • Airbus A321 YL-LDZ

    MSN 974

  • Airbus A321 YL-LDV

    MSN 1734

SmartLynx Airlines Estonia
  • Airbus A320 ES-SAA

    MSN 3631

  • Airbus A320 ES-SAB

    MSN 3644

  • Airbus A320 ES-SAD

    MSN 5931

  • Airbus A320 ES-SAF

    MSN 5348

  • Airbus A320 ES-SAG

    MSN 5407

  • Airbus A320 ES-SAM

    MSN 1896

  • Airbus A320 ES-SAW

    MSN 1663

  • Airbus A320 ES-SAX

    MSN 3954

  • Airbus A320 ES-SAY

    MSN 2689

  • Airbus A320 ES-SAZ

    MSN 3308

SmartLynx Airlines Malta
  • Airbus A321 9H-SLC

    MSN 4461

  • Airbus A320 9H-SLD

    MSN 3396

  • Airbus A320 9H-SLE

    MSN 3475

  • Airbus A320 9H-SLF

    MSN 3361

  • Airbus A321 9H-SLG

    MSN 1946

  • Airbus A320 9H-SLH

    MSN 3425

  • Airbus A320 9H-SLI

    MSN 3866

  • Airbus A320 9H-SLJ

    MSN 3880

  • Airbus A320 9H-SLK

    MSN 1725

  • Airbus A330 9H-PTP

    MSN 1420

  • Airbus A321 9H-CGA

    MSN 0891

  • Airbus A321 9H-CGB

    MSN 1017

  • Airbus A321 9H-CGC

    MSN 1204

  • Airbus A321 9H-CGD

    MSN 0775

  • Airbus 321 9H-CGI

    MSN 2303

  • Airbus A321 9H-CGJ

    MSN 1713

  • Airbus A321 9H-CGN

    MSN 01207

  • Boeing B737-8 9H-TAU

    MSN 43001

  • Boeing B737-8 9H-ORN

    MSN 44863

  • Boeing B737-8 9H-ETA

    MSN 60458

  • Boeing B737-8 9H-CHI

    MSN 60459

  • Boeing B737-8 9H-ARI

    MSN 42826

  • Boeing B737-8 9H-DRA

    MSN 42827

  • Boeing B737-8 9H-ERI

    MSN 42828

  • Boeing B737-8 9H-GEM

    MSN 42830

  • Boeing B737-8 9H-HYA

    MSN 64606

  • Boeing B737-8 9H-CHA

    MSN 62093

  • Boeing B737-8 9H-LYR

    MSN 43302

  • Boeing B737-8 9H-DOR

    MSN 60184

  • Boeing B737-8 9H-CEN

    MSN 60646



We redefine aviation capacity management through sustainable, innovative, and courageous solutions that empower growth for the industry, our clients and our people.

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destinations in 2023
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passengers carried in 2023
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34 000+

tonnes of cargo carried in 2023
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