“SmartLynx Airlines” passengers with reduced mobility will be able to apply for special assistance online


The Latvian-based airline “SmartLynx Airlines” is starting to offer passengers with reduced mobility departing from Latvia and Estonia the opportunity to apply for the necessary assistance online. The airline encourages passengers to apply for a PRM (Passenger with Reduced Mobility) service at least 48 hours before the scheduled flight. 

Data from Riga Airport show that the number of passengers with reduced mobility is increasing every year. The decline was experienced only during the period of Covid-19 restrictions, but already in 2021, there was an increase in PRM passengers again.  [1] Whereas data from “Ozion Airport Software” show that during the post-pandemic, the number of PRM passengers at European airports is growing proportionally even faster than the total passenger flow. [2] Following demand and with the aim of facilitating the flight planning process for passengers with reduced mobility, “SmartLynx Airlines” has improved its online check-in tool by offering the ability to apply for PRM services. 

“For people in wheelchairs, we provide transportation of all equipment during the journey at no additional cost. In order for us to be able to plan the necessary assistance in time, it is recommended to inform the airline at least 48 hours before departure, specifying the passenger’s degree of independence. Thus, we can plan appropriate services at all stages of the journey – to ensure that airport staff meets and accompany passengers to the seat of the aircraft, as well as provide space for equipment in the cargo compartment of the aircraft,” says Sergejs Gorbunovs, Director Ground Operations at “SmartLynx Airlines”.

There are also other benefits of online registration. Of these, “SmartLynx Airlines” passengers especially appreciate the opportunity to go straight to the “Superior” class desk without standing in a long check-in queue. Passengers can also book their preferred seats online, add extra luggage items, check-in sports, and leisure equipment, order meals, purchase access to the lounge area, and permission to carry their pet.

Passengers can check in for the flight and apply for the PRM service on the airline’s website. After check-in, passengers will receive a boarding pass via e-mail, which can be presented at the airport in both printed and electronic form. The information about PRM’s assistance requirements will be processed and passed on to airport staff by the airline.

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 [2] https://www.internationalairportreview.com/article/143778/prm-traffic-rebounds-faster-than-total-pax-traffic/

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