FMGS trainer - addition to SmartLynx Training Centre syllabus


On the doorstep of another season at SmartLynx Training Centre, preparations for welcoming this autumn’s first group of future pilots are coming to an end. Each year our A320 Type rating program undergoes a revision process based on our previous experience and new trends in Aviation training resulting in improvements and modifications, all by using advantages of digital era and innovation.

First to use the latest addition to our training syllabus, the FMGS trainer, is the autumn group 1 commencing their first steps on the way into the airline community on October 11th.

During training sessions with previous groups, our team of instructors recognized the need and benefits of FMGS trainer implementation.

The easy-to-use interface offers a complete set of functions allowing users fully free play and accurate simulation of Autoflight and Flight Management System. These systems are the core interface between the pilot and the aircraft.

A320 Flight Management System Trainer can run on tablets, laptops, desktop PC and will accelerate the transition of future pilots to glass-cockpit aircraft.

"We are looking forward to seeing increased performance of our students in the flight simulator. The new familiarisation tool will enable them to practice all operations performed throughout a complete flight or predefined scenario, which will significantly improve their learning process.". Captain Tomas Samcik, head of SmartLynx Training Centre.

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