SmartLynx Airlines specializes in full-service ACMI aircraft lease services. It is a notable charter and ACMI operator in the European Union, providing its services on Airbus A320 aircraft.

About Us

SmartLynx Airlines specializes in full-service ACMI aircraft lease services and is acknowledged ACMI provider in EU on Airbus A320 aircraft.

We ensure full charter operation in our home markets – Latvia and Estonia, predominantly in the leisure market. SmartLynx also performs flight crew training – SmartLynx Training Centre is a respected and approved airline pilot training company in the Baltic States providing type rating courses for Airbus A320 series.

We are an EU based airline, with headquarters in Riga, Latvia and two subsidiaries in Estonia and Malta. 

SmartLynx Airlines is a family member of Avia Solutions Group, the largest aerospace business group from Central & Eastern Europe with 83 offices and production stations providing aviation services and solutions worldwide.

Avia Solutions Group unites a team of more than 7000 professionals, providing state-of-the-art solutions to aviation industry and beyond.


Our Values


No matter the obstacles, we always remember to keep our promise towards clients and colleagues, believing that being reliable is the best decision for a long-term relationship – both personal and business. We conduct ourselves with uncompromising reliability and honesty as individuals, as teams, and as a company.


We are adaptable, flexible and responsive. Responding resourcefully to our clients ever-changing needs is a core to our success. We make business decisions that demonstrate adaptability, creativity, urgency and courage, while highlighting our ability to stay aligned to the highest safety and security standards.


We believe that it is a constant cooperation that creates synergy and that helps us to achieve our goals much better and faster. Giving due respect to ourselves and others and maintaining the environment of teamwork and growth, helps us to form better relationships.


We provide our clients with great experience and knowledge, while being professional and constantly improving our services. Fast decision making often is a key in our daily routine, yet ours is thoroughly based on our know-how, while striving to be the best at what we do.

Our Values Our Values Our Values
Smart Team

Smart Team

SmartLynx, as an employer, provides the opportunity for its employees to make a contribution. We value energetic team members, those willing to take on challenges both large and small.



Zygimantas Surintas


Zygimantas Surintas, an entrepreneur in various business sectors alongside the work in leading positions in sales and commerce. Mr. Surintas has a rich experience in a range of business areas such as sales, communication, e-commerce, and marketing. Previously Mr. Surintas has been serving as CCO, CSO and board member in various companies in Lithuania, that later expanded to international level.

Aleksandrs Gusevs

VP Commercial

Aleksandrs Gusevs joined SmartLynx Airlines in 2006. Before joining SmartLynx Airlines he has rich experience in Maritime industry and Sea Terminal Operation, holding various managerial positions. During his career in SmartLynx Airlines, he has gained an experience in various aviation fields as OCC, Planning, Crewing and Dangerous Goods. Mr. Gusevs has graduated Latvian Maritime Academy.

Malcolm Fitzsimons

VP Technical

Malcolm Fitzsimons joined Smartlynx in 2018, initially as Director of Engineering and Maintenance. With wide experience in both Maintenance and Continuing Airworthiness within Commercial Airlines, Low Cost Carriers and ACMI & Charter he spent most of his career in a UK based Airlines. In recent years he was a leader of Engineering and Maintenance departments of a Low Cost Carrier based in the Middle East and Malta, initially as CAMO Post Holder and subsequently a Technical Operations Director of a Base Maintenance organization. Malcolm has been part of the technical introduction team of the new A330 military air to air refuelling platform for the UK Royal air Force and part of the Aircraft Incident Rescue team.

Sigurdur Hrafn Gislason

VP Safety and Security

Sigurdur Gislason joined SmartLynx Airlines in 2007 as Safety and Security Manager and until recently he held the position of Safety & Security Director. Mr. Gislason has gained experience in the world of aviation, working for the ACMI operator Air Atlanta, and for NATO on the civil aviation development efforts in Afghanistan. Mr. Gislason holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology from the University of Latvia.

Edvinas Demenius

VP Business Development

Edvinas Demenius is a sales and project management professional with hands-on experience in developing and executing business strategies, managing complex projects, boosting sales, developing new products and building a customer relationship. Mr. Demenius has an educational background in Tourism, as well as knowledge in aviation acquired at IATA Training and Development Institute in Geneva, Switzerland, supported by professional experience in Vilnius International Airport.

Skirmantas Sutkus

VP Finance

Skirmantas Sutkus holds Bachelor’s degree in Finance and Master’s degree in International Business. Mr. Sutkus has extensive experience as CFO in companies of different fields, int.al. Holding companies, Banking, Real estate, Retail, Raw materials, Entertainment, Agriculture, Food processing. His main responsibilities have been Financial planning and management, Risk assessment, Financing deals, Growth management and M&A deals. Mr. Sutkus is accountable for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the company, development of the financial and operational strategy.

Anders Ludvigsson

VP Operations

Mr. Ludvigsson has many years of experience managing both Airbus and Boeing fleets in a broad spectrum of the airline industry, including charter, low cost and ACMI. He is passionate about developing people and has led several successful digitalization and cost efficiency projects, including making an airline the most fuel-efficient airline of the IATA cost management group.
In addition to his flight crew license, Mr. Ludvigsson holds bachelor degrees in both Informatics and Aeronautical Sciences from Lund University and is a GMP graduate from Harvard Business School.

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