SmartLynx Airlines launches summer season: up to 200 destinations and rising market demand 


For this summer season, SmartLynx Airlines, a leading European ACMI provider, is set to cover a roster of 191 destinations in 45 countries for clients in Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and beyond. With travel demand on a significant upswing, the airline anticipates operating approximately 30% more flights than last year, marking a notable surge in the company's service offerings. This season also comes with a noticeable rise of clients actively booking ACMI services well in advance, strategically anticipating the continuation of ongoing increase in passenger numbers expected in 2025. 

Edvinas Demenius, CEO of SmartLynx Airlines, states: "We're observing a significant and consistent rise in travel demand, particularly in Europe. Forecasts suggest that 2024 will signal the return to pre-pandemic travel levels globally. As we have strategically focused on counter-seasonality, we can say that this year, the busy season isn't just starting— for us, it's continuing." 

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts that air travel passenger numbers will reach 4.7 billion by 2024, a significant increase from the 4.5 billion passengers recorded in 2019. Amid this rising demand, airlines often face challenges aligning their fleet capacities to accommodate the swelling number of passengers. The limited aircraft availability in the market and technical difficulties that have led to grounded flights present significant challenges to sustaining reliable service. 

Edvinas Demenius underscores a significant shift, remarking, "The perception and significance of ACMI in the industry are evolving. Our passenger fleet is well-booked for the remainder of the year and beyond—a rarity in the ACMI sector. This development underscores the growing recognition of ACMI services as a strategic, long-term solution, not just an ad-hoc measure, thereby strengthening our market position."  

The heightened market demand enables ACMI companies such as SmartLynx to focus on develop business models with higher predictability. These models are designed to cater not only to client needs but also to provide the crew with greater stability and predictability for longer periods in advance. This approach involves expanding operations while optimizing bases and destinations to capitalize on existing potential, and still reserving a segment for ad-hoc operations. 

Thanks to the growing demand for ACMI passenger services in Europe and the company’s strategic efforts, in 2023, SmartLynx Airlines reported a record year. In 2023 the airline conducted 48% more flights carrying 53% more passengers than the year before. The airline increased its fleet from 49 to 67 aircraft and is planning to continue the expansion. This summer season SmartLynx continues to provide services for clients such as IndiGo, Ajet, TUI, air Transat, Air Peace and more.  

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