We offer efficient air freight solutions and tailor-made ACMI services to meet our clients’ demanding and constantly evolving business needs worldwide.

A wide range of ACMI cargo solutions and full-charter (ad-hoc, long-term, short-term) services, including fueling, ground handling, ground supervision, and load control. Our main strengths are safety, efficiency, reliability, and adaptability to our clients’ needs.

Our team works closely with our clients to design a solution that meets their diverse requirements, whether providing support on any type of freighter operation or logistics project.

Whether in need of transporting perishable goods, mail, express cargo and general cargo, hazardous materials, perishables, live animals or valuables/ vulnerable goods, we have the expertise and experience to get the job done.

Contact our Sales Team and let us deliver the best ACMI leasing solution for your needs!



One of its significant advantages is the standardized, automated loading system of both the main and lower decks leading to spectacular turnaround time. The main deck of A321-200F offers 14 full container positions (Contour A) with dimensions of 125x88 inches / 317x223 cm, allowing for optimal organization.

The lower deck accommodates up to 10 container positions (AKH). Cargo can be prepared for loading in advance, contributing to the aircraft’s outstanding turnaround time.



The A321F is the most efficient aircraft in its class in the freighter market today. It offers a significant advantage, capable of saving up to 30% in direct operational costs compared to its nearest competitors, the B737F and B757F. 

Leveraging the widespread popularity of the A320 family and the long-standing partnership with Lufthansa Technik, the A321F ensures a reliable supply of spare parts and access to a vast pool of skilled crew. 


In addition to its cost-saving advantages, the A321F offers remarkable features that make it the ideal choice for short-haul operations in established express freight markets. With a range of up to 2300 nautical miles and a full payload of 27,000 kg, this aircraft demonstrates its exceptional capabilities in meeting the demands of time-sensitive cargo transportation. 

Ensuring reliability throughout its operations, A321-200F is powered by high-thrust twin engines, delivering 33,000 kg of thrust each. With a maximum takeoff weight of 89 tons, the A321F can accommodate a cargo volume of 208m3 while maintaining exceptional efficiency.



Automated loading and unloading of the lower cargo deck is a pioneering technology for narrow-body freighters — a crucial quality for freight operations in express markets.

Featuring a hydraulically actuated, electrically blocked main deck cargo door, the aircraft boasts the main cargo compartment measuring 3.7 m wide and 34.44 m long. With a wingspan of 35.8 meters and fully loaded with goods, the A321F is ready to soar to its destinations all around the world.



The arrival of A330F is scheduled for the Q1 of 2024

Equipped with state-of-the-art features, the A330F offers impressive cargo capabilities. Its main deck cargo door is hydraulically operated, with a width of 141” and height of 101”. The aircraft also features a reinforced floor grid, new freighter floor panels, and a reliable Cargo Loading System.

Notably, the A330F maximizes cargo volume with 96” side-by-side AMV containers. These containers take advantage of Airbus’ superior cross-section, offering up to 10% more volume than traditional 88” x 125” ULDs.

Prepare for the arrival of the A330F, setting new standards in long-haul freighter transport in Q1 2024.


Where do you operate?

We provide services across Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia and Africa under under our Maltese and Latvian AOCs.

What cargo services do you provide?

We strive to adapt to our clients’ various requirements by offering ACMI and a vast range of full-charter air services (arrangement of cargo and ramp handling, fueling, cargo built-up supervision, load mastering, and weight and balance), be it support on ad-hoc flight, or long term/ short-term logistics project.

What kind of cargo do you accept?

We ensure the safe and efficient transportation of a diverse range of goods: mail and parcels, express and general cargo, perishables and vulnerable goods. We are authorized to carry hazardous materials (including radioactive materials) and we are licensed to carry live animals.

What is the maximum payload and the maximum weight per position on A321F?

The A321F can carry a maximum full payload of 27,000 kg. One container position on main deck can take up to 2523 kg (EFW conversion) and 3193 kg (Precision conversion). On the lower deck the weight limit is 1134 kg (Precision and EFW conversion) per AKH container.  

What are the maximum cargo dimensions and volume of A321-200F?

The main deck offers 14 full container positions with 125x88 inches / 317x223 cm dimensions, and the lower deck accommodates up to 10 container positions (AKH). The A321F is capable of carrying a cargo volume of 208m3 on both decks (approximately 170 m3 on the main deck). For oversized/ overweight cargo please contact so we can offer the most suitable solution.

What is the maximum height of cargo?

The maximum height of cargo is 203 cm / 80 inches on the main deck with container dimensions of 125x88 inches / 317x223 cm, allowing for optimal organization of containers.

What is the turnaround time of A321F?

Turnaround with full load in and out can be performed in 40 minutes.

Why should we choose your services and A321F for cargo shipments?

We develop tailor-made solutions for any express market demand using super-efficient aircraft in order to:

  • save up to 30% of operating costs
  • reduce fuel consumption
  • offer the highest container volume in its class
  • offer exceptional turnaround time




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