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By joining an aeroclub in Slovakia as a 15-year old young man, Capt. Tisliar tasted the exhilarating feeling of cruising the skies on famous L-13 Blanik glider at a very young age. Even though today he is in charge of a bit more advanced unit – an Airbus A320, Martin is still actively flying the glider - both for pleasure and in air shows with his aerobatic group Očovskí Bačovia (Shepherds from Očová). 

After graduating from University and acquiring CPL/IR license (Commercial Pilot Licence course with an instrument rating), Capt. Tisliar joined a small business aviation company operating Cessna Citation CJ-series. 

“After some time, I was promoted to a Captain and also LTC – Line Training Captain, but unfortunately, the airline went bankrupt and after 5 years I had to look for a new job.”

Time has shown that you have made a smart choice and started your Type Rating at SmartLynx Airlines Training Centre. How did you find out about us?

At the beginning of 2014, and following a discussion with my long-time friend and schoolmate Capt. Pavol Klein, I have sent my CV to my current employer SmartLynx Airlines and got the opportunity to start the Type Rating course for A320. After completing the course, I was offered a position at our company as First Officer in Budapest, for Travel Service project.

Based on your upgrades, you and Airbus seem to be a perfect fit.

I liked the Airbus design, philosophy and ergonomic layout since I started the training, so I knew we will be friends. 

In 2016 I was offered a Captain position. After almost 2 years of flying on the left seat, it was the beginning of 2018 season that I received training for LTC -Line Training Captain and later on for TRI – Type Rating Instructor under our SmartLynx Training Centre. 

Now I am trying to pass on all my acquired experience, SmartLynx corporate culture and human approach to our students as well.

Why should your future colleagues come to SmartLynx Training Centre?

We have a team of experienced instructors, Training coordinators, managers and everybody involved in the training process is doing a great job. Quality of our services is increasing every year and we will continue to improve it even more in the future.


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