SmartLynx Group announces Command Upgrade Program for First Officers


SmartLynx Group, a global provider of ACMI, cargo, and charter services, announced an internal upgrade program for First Officers in 2023. This unique program offers First Officers a clear pathway to achieving their dream of becoming a commander sooner than in other airlines.

“This internal program is designed to provide pilots with a clear career path that will allow them to advance from first officer to captain, line training captain, and ultimately to type rating instructor and examiner. The program is a significant investment in pilots and their job satisfaction, and we are confident that it will bring several benefits for the individual and the airline, including increased retention and recruitment of top talent and improved operational efficiency,” says Lasse Bay Hansen Group Director of Flight Operations.

Currently, there are 22 candidates for the upgrade program on A320 and an additional 10 on A330. The first course started on January 26th, in Milan, with two additional courses for up to 10 candidates in March and April.

The upgrade includes a ground course, simulator, and line training, and is estimated to take up to 45 days. A special committee evaluates the candidates using a combination of performance data from simulator sessions and recommendations from instructors and fleet chief pilots. Furthermore, the program offers to perform a Cross Cockpit Qualification for at least 10 A320 First Officers to ensure they can operate on A330.

“Not many airlines offer pilots both short-haul and long-haul operations; thus, this is a quite unique opportunity for pilots. SmartLynx operates both passenger and freighter aircraft giving pilots an interesting and rewarding experience that is not that common in the industry,” ads Lasse Bay Hansen.

The SmartLynx Group is committed to continuously improving and refining the program in the future by evaluating results, implementing new strategies, and making necessary improvements.


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