The Flight Operations department is responsible for the safe preparation and conduct of each flight.

We work under strict rules integrated into European laws and translated into aviation guidance for authorities and airlines.

Integrated Operations Control Center, Flight Support, Crew Resources, Flight Crew and Cabin Crew works in sync, to ‘dispatch’ a flight, following legal requirements integrated into all the sophisticated tools currently in use.

Each individual in the process and his extensive knowledge and experience is required to prevent any potential system errors or outdated settings. Our team works in a very fluctuating environment, ready to catch and fix proactively an issue even before it arises.

We provide extensive training and full support for newcomers and later trust and delegate tasks and responsibilities, while still being around for any suggestion or guidance in the right direction.

For that, we have managed to keep the most experienced professionals within the Flight Operations department throughout the crisis, ready to grow many new talents to future aviation managers within the company.

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