Winter edition of SmartLynx inflight magazine

With winter season in fool bloom, we feel very happy for all who are travelling with us to their sunnier destinations.

Whether our passengers are adventurous travellers or on a lure for glam destinations, SmartLynx in-flight magazine is an excellent source of information for all the interests. 

Like our company, the magazine is all about innovation and new opportunities, so in Winter edition, we are focusing on smart technology, hot new travel goals for 2019 and essential fashion items. We have “travelled” across the region searching for must-see vibrant Christmas events taking place during the festive season.

Since comfort and safety of our passengers is of the highest value at SmartLynx, traditionally last pages of our in-flight magazine are reserved for pieces about company improvements and achievements, and our diverse employees.

On-line edition of SmartLynx in-flight magazine is now available. Want to pre-order your meal or go through some smart travel tips? Click the link.