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Z. Surintas interview for The Baltic Times

When being as clever and dynamic as a lynx really matters
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SmartLynx Training Centre development review

SmartLynx Training Centre development review in Russian aviation magazine "Авиатранспортноe обозрениe" (in Russian), February 2018.
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Interview with Mr. Z.Surintas, SmartLynx CEO, for Land, Sea & Air

Recently Mr. Z.Surintas, SmartLynx's CEO, gave an interview for the Land, Sea & Air, a fast-growing, international logistics business publication, about SmartLynx business accomplishments and future plans.
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Problems associated with the use of airline passenger blacklist in Latvia

With increased access to air transport services and the growing number of passengers carried by airlines, incidents caused by passengers that endanger the safety of the aircraft passengers are becoming increasingly common.
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SmartLynx - the leading charter provider in Baltics (in Latvian)

 Article about charter services in Baltics in the newspaper Latvijas Avīze (in Latvian), 28.07.2017.  
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