This course is provided to students:

  • Previously qualified on multi-pilot commercial jets or turboprops and with some experience in commercial airplane operations;
  • With minimum CPL license, frozen ATPL theory with MCC course and with and without previous experience in commercial airplane operations.

Pre-entry requirements

SmartLynx Training Centre ensures that the students meet all the pre-requisites for training established in Part-Medical (Annex IV to Commission Regulation (EU) 1178/2011) and Part-FCL (Annex I to Commission Regulation (EU) 1178/2011).

Candidates must:

  1. Hold a valid:
    – ATPL(A) or
    – CPL(A) and theoretical knowledge equal to requirements for the issue of ATPL(A)
  2. Hold a valid Class 1 medical certificate
  3. Hold a valid multi-engine Instrumental Rating (A)
  4. Hold a certificate of satisfactory completion of MCC course if applying for the issue of the first type rating for the multi-pilot airplane type
  5. Have at least level 4 of knowledge of English language.
    NOTE: The English language level has to be in pilot license or additional certificate of English proficiency level issued by authority where pilot passed the examination or by authority issued pilot license)
  6. Have at least 70 hours as pilot-in-command of airplanes if applying for the issue of the first type rating for the multi-pilot airplane type
  7. Be older than 18 years

All above-mentioned documents have to be valid at the start of the course and during all the course.

In addition to application form, candidate must submit evidence of valid passport and criminal record, CV and last 3 pages of Logbook.

 NOTE: We do not cover travel, accommodation, food and personal expenses. However, thanks to our business partners you will have access to discount prices in convenient hotels.

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