Graduates about us

Check what our Training Centre graduates say about their study experience

Stefano Bedin, First Officer 

After searching for a suitable training organization to complete my A320 rating, I was very lucky to come across SmartLynx Training Centre.  In November 2016, I started my type rating course.
My training was conducted in a very professional manner by highly professional aviation staff, always courteous and helpful. I got the feeling it was all about me and not them.
Simulator training was also completed without any time lapse, and before I knew it, I was contacted by SmartLynx to start my line training in London Gatwick, one of the busiest airport in the world, where I had a chance to grow as a pilot. 
Less than 12 months since my first contact with Smartlynx, I found myself flying the A320 on the SmartLynx network as a fully qualified First Officer, and have accumulated almost 350 hours of type.
I highly recommend training with SmartLynx to all future candidates. What they offer is a "one-stop shop" to go and to get your career started as a professional pilot, in a very multicultural environment.
They control the training and then are able to offer a position as F.O. on their fleet of A320 operated aircraft. Why would you go somewhere else? I am highly satisfied with my choice.

Sabrina Delle Castelle
, First Officer

I have started the type rating in December 2016 with Smartlynx Training Centre, and I definitely recommend this experience to all pilots who would like to start their career in a professional and family like structure.
Smartlynx Training Centre has a very good and professional training in terms of ground course and simulator with all the necessary support to be successful (classroom, CBT base on a computer, mock-up, simulator, and cantina), it is taught by the most experienced captain instructor in the company.
As the training is based on Airbus syllabus it gives us the most standard SOP's.
Instructors are sharing to students their experiences and their professional skills to help them to pass with success.
The most I have enjoyed: touch and go.
I suggest to all pilots to prepare yourself very well for the type rating by studying the systems. You will have to work hard during the training which is easy if your motivation is strong. 

Janis Rudmanis, First Officer

Hello dear pilots! Happy to greet you at Smart Lynx Training Centre!
My name is Janis Rudmanis, I am 34 and I graduated SmartLynx Training Centre Winter 2017. As of my training experience, I must say that I really enjoyed A320 Type Rating course.
Ground school and simulator sessions went as planned, performed by experienced training captains sharing their valuable knowledge and experience with us. In my opinion, the key in every school is asking questions and willingness to know more than required by tests. Don’t be afraid clarifying details which other students seem to understand already, it is important for you and your instructor to be “on the same page”.
Every minute in a simulator is priceless training and will be used for improving flying techniques and skills, so theoretical knowledge for every session should be already prepared and then practically mastered with the instructor and your partner.
And then, after successful training, everyone is eager to finally go flying and can’t wait for the base training, on a real Airbus A320.
Enjoy the training time and go flying!

Irina Talajeva, First Officer 

I completed training at SmartLynx Training Centre in 2012.
Professional approach, highly experienced instructors, friendly attitude towards students combined with career opportunities for successful students were the main reasons to choose SmartLynx ATO.
Valuable knowledge and skills gained during training process helped me to join SmartLynx Airlines as FO in 2012. Addiction to aviation, self-motivation, ability, and willingness to learn, as well as the true desire to have a professional pilot career, are the key factors of successful training completion and further career.

Grzegorz Ryszard Brozynski, First Officer

I have successfully completed my training with SmartLynx Training Centre February 2016.
My experience with SmartLynx Training Centre was very satisfying all the way through various stages of the training, checking and examination. Everything was as promised or better.
The SIM sessions were challenging and enjoyable at the same time as everyday we had new topics and emergency simulations to cover. 
Working and studying with a SIM partner allowed me to better understand the CRM aspect that is so important in multi-crew operations.
There's a lot to cover in short time so bring along  positive attitude, willingness to learn and motivation to improve.