About Training Centre

What is SmartLynx Training Centre?

SmartLynx Training Centre is a well-recognized approved training organization (ATO) in the Baltic States who offers airline pilot training providing type rating courses for Airbus A320 series. It is well known and acknowledged by aviation professionals worldwide.

SmartLynx Training Centre offers the most comprehensive, applied ground training available today. Our core philosophy is to equip graduates with the aviation and commercial knowledge needed for today's professional environment.

On average SmartLynx Training Centre welcomes 60-70 students each year from all over the world. Majority of graduates find a job at SmartLynx Airlines and build a successful pilot carrier. Every 3-4 First Officers get upgraded to Captains each year.

The aim of the course

The aim of the course is to train pilots with different background and previous experience to safely operate A320 family aircraft. After successful completion of the A320 type rating course and skill test, pilots will be A320 family type rated. The course is performed on a basic variant A320 aircraft which covers the A320 family (A318 / A319 / A320 / A321).

It allows pilots to get a single Type Rating to fly all the variants of the same aircraft series if they performed the relevant familiarization course.

The A320 Type Rating Course is based on the following principles:

  • Systematic approach to instruction;
  • Learning by doing;
  • Training to proficiency;
  • Implementation of new methods in accordance with regulations.

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