SmartLynx Airlines changes its logotype

We are happy to announce that our company has up-dated the logotype and other elements of our brand identity.

This year our company has entered a new phase of development. We have set very challenging and ambitious plans for company’s future growth and business expansion. This will require a very dynamic approach on every level and in every field of our business, including company’s visual identity - corporate look. The main idea was to achieve greater dynamism with forms and colors and up-date the logo and other elements of corporate identity according to today’s design requirements.

We have approached this task with a great respect to existing brand identity and corporate legend - the story about lynx, both animal and star constellation, which is very saturated and still has a great potential for marketing use.

We just shifted the main focus from lynx – the cautious, quiet animal, to star constellation – group of stars, detected in the sky by a very smart man. The element of a star implies many symbols related to our business – it is sky, flying, goals (sometimes pretty far and seemingly unreachable just like stars) and our striving to reaching them, and linking different destinations just like our company links countries, cities, people, using advanced services and knowledge. That is why we keep the slogan: “Smart links in aviation” which is the third implied translation of the logo (homonyms: Lynx → links).

This shift has created changes in color palette as well. As basic colors for the logo we use warm red and orange tones, with graduate transition to the darker tones of blue for contrast and depth (just like we can see stars shining only in the dark sky).

For the star pictogram, we have used initial graphic element once served for development of the current logo element, we just have added colors and shades to it.

We have started implementing the new logo in December 2016, and will proceed with it gradually throughout coming months.

We truly hope that the new logo will mark start of a new phase of successful development and further growth of SmartLynx Airlines.

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Information prepared by:
Ilva Priedniece
Public Relations and Marketing Manager
SmartLynx Airlines Ltd.